Diagnosing Pistol Malfunctions – Part 2: Failure to Fire

fn-p9a-hand-gun-x-ray-print-ray-gunzDiagnosing Pistol Malfunctions – Part 2: Failure to Fire

Welcome back to our discussion on Diagnosing Pistol Malfunctions.  In Part 2, we will cover an in-depth analysis of Failure to Fire.

Unfortunately, most of us have experienced this at one time or another.  We’ve inserted a loaded magazine, released the slide, chambered a round, disengaged the safety, aligned the sights in the center of the target, slowly exhaled while pressing the trigger, and as we felt the sear release the hammer or striker we heard a “Click” instead of a “BANG!”

On the range, it may be an annoying inconvenience to wait 30 seconds with the pistol pointed in a safe direction before “tapping” the base of the magazine, “racking” the slide to eject a possibly bad round and chamber what we hope to be a “good” one, “assessing” the target area, and deciding whether or not to fire again.  … Read more »