Gun Review: Glock 43 Singlestack 9mm

glock43-leftGun Review: Glock 43 Singlestack 9mm

In this article, I will review the new Glock 43 Singlestack 9mm pistol.  Through the course of the text and photos, I will provide an overview, discuss the Fit, Function, and Finances in regard to this model, and then conclude with a Range Report and personal observations.

Whether you love ’em, hate ’em, or have chosen to ignore them since their introduction in 1982, there is no doubt that Glock pistols have made their mark on the firearms and shooting industries.  Designed in 1981 by Austrian engineer and polymer tool pioneer, Gaston Glock,  the Austrian Army commissioned the 9mm Glock 17 in 1982.  The venerable G17 was introduced into the U.S. in 1985 and its simple operation and extreme reliability immediately caught the attention of Law Enforcement and commercial markets.

51A4CBQQ1HLHowever, it wasn’t until 1990 that the G17 gained near-instant fame when Bruce Willis … Read more »

Violence: Riots, Crime, and Police

Violence: Riots, Crime, and Police

Cases of potential use of force issues with police are being reported extensively at the moment. Most recently the riots in Baltimore have been the source of media focus. Blatimore riots - Aegis Academy - Racism

The six officers involved in arresting Freddie Gray have been arrested and charged with crimes ranging from misconduct to murder.

As we continue to manufacture a case of racism in the death of every black male to hit the news, we propagate the myth that black lives don’t matter to a younger generation, we provide them with excuses for failure, a scapegoat for their frustration, and perpetuate a cycle of long term dependence. Further, we reinforce a manufactured mistrust of the government. The incarceration rate of black men in America is astonishingly high, but blaming racism takes the personal accountability out of the equation.

A young black man has no ability to control whether or not … Read more »

The Impact of Concealed Weapons on Crime


Levi RandolphThe impact of concealed weapons on crime is a largely ignored element of the gun control debate. In More Guns, Less Crime, John Lott laid out the statistical effect of restrictive vs. non-restrictive concealed weapons carry policies on crime. Specifically he focused on violent crime. Despite numerous attempts to discredit it, not one study has found a statistically significant different result. That result is in non-restrictive cities, counties and states we see about a 4% reduction in the rate of violent crime.

The Pro-Gun Control Lobby has put a number of arguments forward in search of data to subvert the findings of the study. They were unable to find any statistical problems with study that would have resulted in a different outcome. Since the original release, John Lott has reworked his data multiple times, and more pointedly any time that a valid critique of statistical methods was presented over … Read more »

Magazine Maintenance Matters as Much as the Gun!


Magazine Maintenance, gun training, pistol classes Properly maintained magazines will last a lifetime;  however, neglect and a lack of cleaning will lead to malfunctions that unnecessarily render the firearm useless at a potentially critical moment. On most outdoor ranges your magazines get dropped in the dirt and gravel every time you perform an emergency reload (and you should be letting them fall to the ground – retention is good habit, but not at slide-lock). Few people ever take the time to really inspect and clean the source of the ammunition you are shooting. Dirty or bad magazines are the leading cause of malfunctions on AR platform weapons, and certainly high on the list with pistols. Wiping down the outside of the magazines before they go back in their range bag is a  good place to start, but the working parts are on the inside!

After you clean your weapon and perform a function check, take … Read more »