Getting Faster – Its not magic, its work…

Speed and accuracy are the great equalizers on the range. They provide a simple, factual reference on your performance. Almost every pistol competition you shoot has an element of time in its scoring. In USPSA (United States Practical Shooting Association) your hit factor is determined by the number of points you score divided by the time it took you to shoot them. In IDPA (International Defensive Pistol Association) you’re scored off of your total time plus time added on for inaccuracy and penalties. The holes in the target are the second, easy to measure, indication of your performance.
It almost always pays to be faster in competition, and to have the skills to be faster in real life is never going to hurt you. The question I am constantly asked by my fellow competitors, other shooters, and clients on the range is how do I get faster? The answer is … Read more »

Smith and Wesson M&P Shield 9mm

Main 1Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9mm

Many recent judicial rulings enabling a citizen’s lawful right to carry a concealed handgun coincide with the ever-present threat of violent criminal attack and a newer threat of terrorist activity in the homeland have greatly increased interest in sub-compact pistols.  So, I will add another pistol for consideration and review the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9mm and provide my observations of the handgun’s fit, function, and finances.  I’ll also incorporate some useful accessories, such as the CrossBreed MiniTuck inside-the-waistband holster and Tractiongrips pre-cut grip enhancing tape.

A Little History

Following the immense popularity of Glock’s entry into the U.S. law enforcement and civilian firearms marketplace, Smith & Wesson introduced the  polymer-framed Sigma in 1993.  However, S&W’s design was so close to a Glock that a copyright infringement suit ended the Sigma’s run in 1997.  Ten years later, S&W re-entered the polymer-framed striker-fired pistol … Read more »

Violence: Riots, Crime, and Police

Violence: Riots, Crime, and Police

Cases of potential use of force issues with police are being reported extensively at the moment. Most recently the riots in Baltimore have been the source of media focus. Blatimore riots - Aegis Academy - Racism

The six officers involved in arresting Freddie Gray have been arrested and charged with crimes ranging from misconduct to murder.

As we continue to manufacture a case of racism in the death of every black male to hit the news, we propagate the myth that black lives don’t matter to a younger generation, we provide them with excuses for failure, a scapegoat for their frustration, and perpetuate a cycle of long term dependence. Further, we reinforce a manufactured mistrust of the government. The incarceration rate of black men in America is astonishingly high, but blaming racism takes the personal accountability out of the equation.

A young black man has no ability to control whether or not … Read more »

Improving your trigger control one finger at a time

Exercise your fingers to improve trigger control

aegis academy, trigger control, firearms instructor, pistol shootingEarlier this year, I added yet another part of my aging body to the list of hurts and complaints. My wrists began to feel stiff and painful, and I had to admit that Carpal Tunnel Syndrome apparently is a real thing. I am already challenged by a set of appendages that are notoriously short with rather svelte paws. I have significantly damaged both hands in my career, my left hand goes numb regularly from scar tissue and the fingers can barely turn a key. My dominant hand was broken twice and I am sure a career playing piano is not going to be in my future. You may be asking yourself why is this relevant to firearms?

Our fingers, especially their ability to smoothly pull the trigger without disturbing the sights, are hugely important in becoming accurate shooters. Unless you’re a rock climber … Read more »