Tactical Light System for Shotguns

Aegis Academy Tech Tip – Mounting a Flashlight to your shotgun!

Shotgun Flashlight - Aegis Academy - Shotgun TrainingAegis Academy members and readers, if you are planning on purchasing a Tactical Light System for your new shotgun, it can quickly become very expensive. Oversize controls, fancy sight systems and magazine extensions will do you little to no good at night if you can’t see and identify your target. The correct tactical answer for nighttime scenario is having your shotgun equipped with some type of Tactical Light on the fore-grip.  A fore-grip with an integral light system and built in pressure switch can retail for more than $300 depending on which shotgun and light system you buy. Let’s look at some of the low cost alternatives for mounting a tactical light to your shotgun.

Do It Yourself Tactical Light Mounting

If you have some basic hand tools, no duct tape or hose clamps please, you can have a … Read more »