Terrorism, Violence, and the Ideology of Oppression

“We, God willing, will continue to fight you and will continue martyrdom operations inside and outside the United States until you abandon your oppression…”

                                                                                                                       ~ Osama Bin Laden

The Islamic Extremists who committed the mass murder in San Bernardino, which killed 14 and injured another 21 people, were a young married couple. They left a six-month-old child at home with one of the terrorist’s mothers. They had equipped themselves and planned for this type of action for an extended period before its execution. It was clearly not a spur of the moment “workplace violence” incident. Rather than blaming guns, terrorists, and the usual suspects, we are going to look at how these violent ideologies are enticing young people, across cultures, religions and social class at unprecedented rates.

The popular media like to present the unsupportable and inaccurate assertion that violence is a human aberration. Unfortunately, many in our society have … Read more »

Avoiding Mob Violence

Why peaceful protests turn violent and what to do about it

kkk mob violence - aegis academy - personal safetyPerceived injustice has sparked protests around the globe. In some cases these gatherings are peaceful, and in others they turn into a violent mob. Lately we’ve seen a list of pundits on both sides of the arguments saying the violence is racially driven, which is simply not supported by the facts. Mob Violence is not an “African American” phenomenon and we have seen violence erupt in New York at 2011’s Occupy Wall Street movement that certainly crossed racial lines. Other cultures and countries are not immune. Tahrir Square in Egypt, Paris and Sarcelles France, Jerusalem in Israel and the Palestinian territory and throughout Iran in the past few years. There is not a race or country on the earth that has not been effected at some point…

When we look at the phenomena of group violence there are … Read more »

Risk analysis and mitigation

Risk analysis and mitigation from a travel security perspective

Aegis Academy-Travel Security-Risk Analysis-Risk MitigationThe most common and unfortunate state of mind people adopt is that protection is the responsibility of someone else. You can personally exert an extraordinary amount of influence over your own safety and security by controlling your actions. Adopting the mindset that your personal safety and security is up to you is the first step in improving your chances. The next step is learning how to evaluate risk, and implement actions and controls to maintain and advantage in any environment. The first step is analyzing risk.

Finding the “right” risk metrics

In risk analysis, the first and most critical step is to choose a quality data set. The greatest gift the Internet has given us is a vast supply of information on demand. Unfortunately, much of it consists of un-researched opinion, or worse pure fabrication. When completing personal security risk analysis, … Read more »


Toy Guns – Technology, Laws and Common Sense

Toy Guns - Andy Lopez - Aegis AcademyThe death of Andy Lopez, a 13-year-old Santa Rosa kid with a toy gun in hand was tragic. He failed to follow police commands and was shot for possessing what the officer believed was an AK – 47. Andy Lopez went to the park to play with his friends from the neighborhood. He is now dead – because he was carrying a toy gun.

The reality of this problem is far too many kids get their education on guns from Hollywood. They depict massively irresponsible and unrealistic uses of firearms. In the absence of real education, these kids know nothing else. The reality is toy guns provide a great way to educate even very young kids on safety, but toy guns should not be treated like other toys. You can read more on teaching kids to shoot here.

The Officer involved … Read more »