Preparing for California Wildfires


It is a story Southern California knows all too well, wildfires.  The smell of smoke and the dark clouds rising from the brown, dry land scape.  Triple digit temperatures are fueling several fires currently and threating homes near LA.  Some people have already been evacuated and others have volunteered to do so. This is not an unusual occurrence, California has wildfires almost every year. Therefore, residents should be prepared for this situation and have precautions on hand or at least know what precautions to take.    It is important to have things ready before there is an actual emergency so you know how to react.CA-homes

Two years ago, fires popped up in a number of locations in Southern California.  One of the first fires was in Fallbrook and threatened my kid’s school. It took over two hours for the buses to leave the school because parents were panicked and trying Read more »