Children, Guns and Education

How many more will it take?

Toy Guns - Education - Gun Safety - Aegis AcademyThis morning we woke up to the news that a 12-year-old was shot by police over an airsoft gun for failing to follow their instructions and display his hands. Initial reports are that this gun had been modified to remove the orange identifier from the barrel. We have seen a number of children with toy guns shot over the years by police who were responding to a report of a person with a firearm. Typically it is a kid in the 10 – 14-year-old range. Older teens seem to have the common sense to know that walking around with a replica is going to cause some real problems. Younger kids with no exposure to guns other than what they see in the movies are the ones at risk.

We have a responsibility to make children safer, and education is the key. Children, guns and … Read more »

Should a nine-year-old girl shoot an Uzi?

Should a nine-year-old girl shoot an Uzi?

Shooting Instructor Killed-Uzi-nine year old girl copy  I’ve had a number of phone calls and emails about this tragic incident asking questions about what happened, should it have been prevented and the like.  First off I have no access to any information that has not been reported by the media. I have nothing but a lifetime of experience teaching firearms skills, on which to base the following opinions.

This week at a shooting range in Arizona, a nine-year-old girl shot the instructor she was working with in the head with an Uzi sub machine gun. This has sparked debate on gun culture, how old is old enough to shoot, at what point is a submachine gun to be introduced, range procedures and a litany of other issues. From what we know so far, there is some room for improvement. Here are the general questions people seem to be interested it.… Read more »


Toy Guns – Technology, Laws and Common Sense

Toy Guns - Andy Lopez - Aegis AcademyThe death of Andy Lopez, a 13-year-old Santa Rosa kid with a toy gun in hand was tragic. He failed to follow police commands and was shot for possessing what the officer believed was an AK – 47. Andy Lopez went to the park to play with his friends from the neighborhood. He is now dead – because he was carrying a toy gun.

The reality of this problem is far too many kids get their education on guns from Hollywood. They depict massively irresponsible and unrealistic uses of firearms. In the absence of real education, these kids know nothing else. The reality is toy guns provide a great way to educate even very young kids on safety, but toy guns should not be treated like other toys. You can read more on teaching kids to shoot here.

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When should you start teaching kids to shoot?

Victoria Barks, teaching kids to shoot, gun safety

Over the years, we’ve watched a variety of techniques used in teaching kids about gun safety and how to shoot.  Here are some best practices on imparting responsible gun handling to children. In the paragraphs below, you will see that our recommendations are categorized by age groups.  These categorizations are only guidelines.  Since children develop at different rates, maturity and focus should be your guidelines when considering the material below.

Victoria (photo inset) was not born with a gun in her hand, but at 15 (when this photo was taken) she had better gun handling skills and technical ability than many adults who attend our courses.  That did not happen by accident.  Her parents were committed to teaching their kids to shoot. More importantly, next year when she heads off to college, serves in the military, or moves out of her parents house, she will take the understanding of safe, … Read more »