Handgun Defense Ammunition Terminal Ballistics

Aegis Academy - Howard Hall - Handgun Defense Ammunition Terminal Ballistics - Concealed CarryAs gun ownership and concealed carry steadily rise throughout the United States, more people are seeking information on finding the training and the tools to best prepare themselves for personal defense.  While there is no shortage of literature provided by gun and ammunition manufacturers, there are too many variables to unequivocally cite a single gun and ammunition combination which is the best or most effective for all shooters in all circumstances.  This article will discuss Handgun Defense Ammunition Terminal Ballistics in order to provide the information to help you determine what may be “best” for you.

As stated above, there is no shortage of ammunition advertisements making outrageous claims disguised as scientific research. This is especially true in the case of the G2 RIP (Radically Invasive Projectile).  I’ve even dedicated an article titled “Personal Defense Ammunition: Hype, Hyperbole, and Common Sense” to dispel and debunk some of the … Read more »

Pistol Correction Chart

Common Error Chart, pistol correction chart, Aegis Academy, Pistol Training, gun ClassesPistol Correction Charts (Also Known and Common Error Charts) are the probably the most misused tool in the training industry.  They are popular because they superficially promise a quick “one-size-fits-all” cure for common pistol shooting errors.

A pistol correction chart is a circle (shaped like a bull’s-eye dissected in to 6 – 10 segments with the typical errors associated with impacts listed  in their respective zone. They can be a useful tool in only the most generalized sense.  Every shooter is unique, with body mechanics, habits, and trends that combine in a way that is meaningful only to that shooter. If you didn’t make the pistol correction chart, that chart is not universally applicable to you. It might be that error, or any other number of combinations of errors that is causing you to miss the center of the target. There are certainly trends that can be identified, but they … Read more »