Concealed Carry Weapon Permit in Orange County, Part II

Concealed Carry Weapon Permit in Orange County, Part II

This article is Part II of a III part series on the concealed carry weapon process. In this article we will be discussing 1) Selecting an instructor, 2) Selecting a firearm, 3) Clothing.

Aegis Academy Tactical Pistol TrainingSo you have decided you want to be able to legally carry a concealed firearm; this comes with a lot of responsibility and is not to be taken lightly. Be sure you take the required training seriously and invest some time in selecting an instructor.

I am going to give you some things to consider when making the decision to select an instructor. Make sure you are getting your money’s worth from an instructor who has real, verifiable experience related to carrying a firearm for his or her profession. In my opinion, your instructor should have military and or law enforcement experience. There is a big difference between … Read more »

Obtaining a Concealed Carry Weapon Permit in Orange County

I decided to write this article to try and provide some insight into the Conceal Carry Weapon (CCW) permit process. This article is Part 1 on a series of articles I will be writing related to CCW. Please check back with us so you can read the complete series.

I have come across many people who have not even tried to obtain a California CCW  out of fear of being denied. Fortunately and possibly due in part to some recent court decisions, obtaining a CCW firearms permit has become much easier. Ca Gun Control Patrick Henry Gun laws

For the most part, the process will look very similar no matter where in California you might live. Being that I am an Orange County approved CCW instructor, I will write about obtaining a concealed carry weapon permit in Orange County.


Orange County CCW Process

You will first want to contact the sheriff’s department in the county you … Read more »

The Impact of Concealed Weapons on Crime


Levi RandolphThe impact of concealed weapons on crime is a largely ignored element of the gun control debate. In More Guns, Less Crime, John Lott laid out the statistical effect of restrictive vs. non-restrictive concealed weapons carry policies on crime. Specifically he focused on violent crime. Despite numerous attempts to discredit it, not one study has found a statistically significant different result. That result is in non-restrictive cities, counties and states we see about a 4% reduction in the rate of violent crime.

The Pro-Gun Control Lobby has put a number of arguments forward in search of data to subvert the findings of the study. They were unable to find any statistical problems with study that would have resulted in a different outcome. Since the original release, John Lott has reworked his data multiple times, and more pointedly any time that a valid critique of statistical methods was presented over … Read more »

Peruta Vs. The County of San Diego – Concealed Carry Permits in California?

Aegis Academy, Concealed Carry Permit, Peruta Vs. San Diego, 9th, Pat Henry, Firearms Instructor, Aegis AcademyIn 2009, several Plaintiffs sued the county of San Diego claiming that requiring a concealed carry permit holder be “of good moral character” and “provide sufficient cause” was an infringement of their second amendment rights. The general term for these types of restrictions is more easily understood using the common terms for them. Most states abide by a “shall issue” policy, which means anyone who meets the requirements (approved training program, no criminal record, etc…) will be issued a concealed carry permit if they apply.

States like California, New York, and a few others have adopted what is called a “may issue” policy. A “may issue” policy delegates the authority to issue a concealed carry permit to the authority of the local Sheriff. In San Diego County, this has resulted in a very low issue rate. Since, the determining factors to consider are delegated to the judgment of the local … Read more »