What Cyber Attacks Say About Our Values

Two weeks ago we saw United Airlines grind to a halt for well over an hour due to technical challenges with the booking system, so severe that at one point they were forced to issue tickets by hand.  New-York-Stock Exchange
This ultimately led to many being people having travels delayed, missing flights, and having to be rescheduled. Later that same day, trading was halted on the NYSE due to a “technical glitch”. The nations pundits started screaming “We’re under Cyber Attack!”

Last week it was the Office of Personnel Management. They are a government agency that investigates people’s backgrounds for eligibility for security clearances. My personal data and literally everyone who has ever held a clearance since 2000 was compromised – most likely by China. This week it seems to be that Ashley Madison (the online dating site for people looking to cheat on their spouse) is the latest victim of an … Read more »

Carlsbad Wildfire, Personal Defense and Natural Disasters

You get to deal with the disaster with the training and equipment you have, not what you wish you had…


carlsbad wildfires, personal defense, aegis academy, disaster preparedness

Natural disasters like the Carlsbad wildfires, and the rest of the fires in Southern California this week bring out the best in most normal people. The outpouring of support, donations at the emergency shelters and offers of assistance is what make this country great! Conversely, it also provides opportunity for the criminal element to take advantage of people and the situation. As disgusting as the opportunists are, they do not surprise me. I am however continually surprised by the lack of preparedness for these predictable events on the part of many of my fellow citizens.

As soon as I smelled smoke, I went out side to see some fairly dark fires, which appeared to be pretty close. I went inside, picked up the keys and my wallet and drove … Read more »

Risk analysis and mitigation

Risk analysis and mitigation from a travel security perspective

Aegis Academy-Travel Security-Risk Analysis-Risk MitigationThe most common and unfortunate state of mind people adopt is that protection is the responsibility of someone else. You can personally exert an extraordinary amount of influence over your own safety and security by controlling your actions. Adopting the mindset that your personal safety and security is up to you is the first step in improving your chances. The next step is learning how to evaluate risk, and implement actions and controls to maintain and advantage in any environment. The first step is analyzing risk.

Finding the “right” risk metrics

In risk analysis, the first and most critical step is to choose a quality data set. The greatest gift the Internet has given us is a vast supply of information on demand. Unfortunately, much of it consists of un-researched opinion, or worse pure fabrication. When completing personal security risk analysis, … Read more »

Sources of Information and Personal Security

The Impact of Accurate Information on Personal Security

Sources of Information - Aegis Acadmey - Travel Risk ManagementSince most of us choose not to live like a paranoid fanatic with cleared fields of fire from our front door to the keep-out signs surrounding our houses – life is about managing the risks we choose to accept. Everything we do from the moment we are born until the day we pass involves making risk assessments and developing various means of avoiding or mitigating the risk we choose to accept. We all do it every day and in many aspects of our lives we are experts. Unfortunately, it’s in the big-ticket items where people tend to make mistakes in this arena – and that unfortunately results in a lot of unnecessary pain and suffering.

For starters – stop worrying about things that don’t happen and spend a few of those minutes preparing for the inevitable. If you simply plan for the … Read more »