Everytown for Gun Safety

The Impact of Social Media on Social Change

Everytown for Gun Safety - Aegis AcademyEverytown for Gun Safety hired Jeremy Heimans’ company Purpose to promote its cause of restricting Americans Second Amendment rights via local legislation. The message they push is reducing gun violence. Mr. Heimans is a social media expert, and a liberal activist. He opposes war, guns, anything remotely anti-gay and actively supports the LGBT rights movements and the delivery of aid to Syrian fighters on both sides of the conflict. Jeremy’s company is doing a very effective job leveraging social media to create awareness, but I am not sure he has cracked the code on converting that to social change, yet.

I was watching him speak about “New Power” vs. what he calls “Old Power” which he presented publicly at a TED talk in Berlin last month. You can watch the presentation below. The concept of social movements has been studied in depth … Read more »

Gun Safety – Secure Storage

imagesGun Safety – Secure Storage

If you are reading this article, you are likely a gunowner, prospective owner, or have enough curiosity to scroll through this topic.  In any case, thank you for taking the time to do so.  If you are a current gun owner, how do you secure your firearms when not in use?  If you are a prospective gun owner, how do you intend to secure your firearm and have you factored secure storage as part of your first purchase?  In this article, I will briefly highlight the legal and practical benefits of secure gun storage.

Legal, Moral and Practical Aspects

While the pro-gun and anti-gun movements bitterly differ on many data points and issues, I believe that both agree on the principle that unsecured guns contribute to accidental shooting incidents and can enable the unlawful use of firearms.  All emotional arguments aside… it is clearly logical … Read more »

Gun Safety Rules and a Few Tips!

gun safety and rules, Aegis Academy, firearms instructor, pistol shootingFirearms are excellent tools for both personal defense and recreation. Having a good working knowledge of gun safety  rules is an part of being proficient. Unfortunately, many web sites and Internet forums default to “humorous” safety tips and rules or worse, things that are simply unsafe.  Here are a few gun safety rules and tips to think about as a responsible gun owner. Before we talk about tips you need to know and understand the Four Universal Safety Rules. There are variations on the theme, but Jeff Cooper is generally credited with distilling these down to the key elements to creating a safe gun owner. These apply to any firearm.

Gun Safety Rules

1. Treat every gun as if it was loaded.

Do not ever do anything with an unloaded gun you would not do with a loaded one.

2. Never let the muzzle cover anything you are not willing Read more »

Gun Training – Why You are a Special Snowflake!

Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

~ Albert Einstein

Gun Training, San Diego Gun Training, Firearms TrainingI am glad to have seen what appears to be an increasing number of calls from people who are point blank asking our staff why they should come to see us.  First, I am glad they are calling, but more importantly I am glad they are calling around and doing their homework! Here is my two cents on evaluating gun training institutions and instructors. The first thing you need to ask yourself (and them) is how is this institution or instructor going to help me meet my goals?

One of the most frustrating experiences for a human being has got to be change. We intuitively understand what will happen when we repeat the same or a similar action and we very quickly get comfortable with what we know. The more we repeat those … Read more »