The Fourth of July

As the Fourth of July approaches, many of us are preparing to celebrate this occasion with family barbeques, neighborhood parades, impressive concerts and colorful firework displays.  I have to admit, it is one of my favorite holidays.  No fanfare of gifts, it is simply a day in which we celebrate as a nation, as communities, and as Americans and place aside any difference to remember the strength we possess in our unity.

Signing-the-declarationOn this day, we remember how our founding fathers worked to secure a free nation that represents the people, for the people, by the people.  A nation guided by republican ideals, which valued liberty and unalienable individual rights, while rejecting inherited political power as symbolized by a corrupt ruling class, which at the founder’s time was the British monarchy. Simply stated, the Founders rejected a form of government in which citizens were governed without direct representation and guaranteed Read more »


cagovWhen corresponding with a lawmaker, I recommend you check the “please respond” box, although I am not sure I have ever received a substantive response. Regardless, I contacted him four times this morning before I had my coffee – which is brewing now because I don’t want to go to Starbucks…

Regardless, your goal is ultimately to let them know that people (read: voters) are paying attention. As you know, with very limited exceptions,  politicians are consumed solely with reelection and don’t really understand or care about the ramifications of their votes. They also know that very few people will call or write. Doing so may not change their opinion, but a hundred people doing so might – remember, they probably don’t care about the issue, per se.  They only care that you care about the issues that may affect their reelection.

Here is the link to contact the governor … Read more »


second amendment, aegis academy, firearms training, gun controlThe second amendment has been regulated since its inception, so before you embarrass yourself with another irrelevant rant about “shall not be infringed,” you might want to read some history. Start with the 1934 national firearms act and work you way up to McDonald V. Chicago…

The first amendment is a prime example of effective legislation at the federal level giving the Supreme Court a base line of law on which to judge constitutionally. It has ruled on cases of limitations of the first amendment and states have not had to create a mishmash of laws defining what you can and can’t say to prevent people from endangering or damaging others in the process of abusing the right to free speech. When it comes to the Second Amendment, however, Congress has failed miserably.

In Montana a few weeks ago, Supreme Court Justice Scalia did a great job of explaining legal … Read more »


California Gun legislationAn update on California gun legislation.

Each of these will be challenged at the federal level. While I even support some of the proposed measures, it is the federal government’s job to establish the standards by which the 2nd amendment is enacted, not California’s. We need to educate people and remove the irrational fear of guns from the equation so that we can actually deal with the violence in our society. Regardless, most of California’s gun legislation will be overturned some day, however, if signed into law it will be a costly and unnecessary expense.

AB 187 – Ammunition tax

Status: In appropriations

Summary: Apply a 10% tax to retail sales of ammunition.

Opinion: This is equivalent to a “sin” tax or a gas tax. It will be massively ineffective at generating revenue if SB 53 is signed in to law as every one will purchase ammunition out of state.… Read more »



Romney – Enforce existing laws; change the “culture of violence” – and then talked about the two parent family. Biggest failure of gun control is “fast & furious under this administration” – and went on to talk about the two-parent family.  He stated that the weapons restrictions that he enacted as governor are examples of bringing both sides of the issue together – closed with another rendition of the two parent family…

MA is one of the most restrictive states in the country… and a huge bone of contention with the pro gun activists. Fast and furious is an irresponsible but irrelevant drop in the bucket when dealing with the real issues that cause violence.

Last night during the debate, Obama restated his support for existing laws, that “weapons that were designed for soldiers don’t belong on our streets”  and reemphasized his desire to reintroduce an “assault weapons” ban. He … Read more »