Eric KlyazWe spend most of our time sharing information regarding technical tips on maintenance, tactical tips on getting faster and more accurate, and we (the staff) typically forget the experiences that shaped our approach to safety. In light of the needless and negligent death of a ten year old this week in San Diego – I think it appropriate to reiterate a few of those lessons.

My first experience with formal firearms training was in the military. My first experience with negligence was a Corpsman assigned to us during the Gulf War when he shot a Marine in the head with a pistol a week after we arrived in country. The Corpsman thought the gun was unloaded. Also, during our movement north there were a number of “Friendly Fire” incidents. A few years later, an 18-year-old recruit committed suicide on the rifle range next to the one my platoon was training … Read more »

When should you start teaching kids to shoot?

Victoria Barks, teaching kids to shoot, gun safety

Over the years, we’ve watched a variety of techniques used in teaching kids about gun safety and how to shoot.  Here are some best practices on imparting responsible gun handling to children. In the paragraphs below, you will see that our recommendations are categorized by age groups.  These categorizations are only guidelines.  Since children develop at different rates, maturity and focus should be your guidelines when considering the material below.

Victoria (photo inset) was not born with a gun in her hand, but at 15 (when this photo was taken) she had better gun handling skills and technical ability than many adults who attend our courses.  That did not happen by accident.  Her parents were committed to teaching their kids to shoot. More importantly, next year when she heads off to college, serves in the military, or moves out of her parents house, she will take the understanding of safe, … Read more »