Resilience – The Key to Personal Security

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Resilience ~

 : the capability of a strained body to recover its size and shape after deformation caused especially by compressive stress

: an ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change

When we look at business, psychology, or sociology the concept of ‘recoverability’ is a key component in measuring the health and effectiveness of an organization, an individual, or a society. In dealing with unpredictable or unexpected events, the most successful organizations, people, and societies are those able to adapt and create novel solutions to novel circumstances. Elements of the successful actors are creativity, commitment, confidence, experience, and talent but in the case of shocking events the most common term for this collection of traits is resilience.

The black swan is the typical example of a completely novel event. European explorers had never seen a black swan, as that genetic mutation did not exist in Europe, … Read more »

DOS vs. ISIS – The war of Ideas

The U.S. Department of State vs. ISIS – The war of Ideas

ISIS recrutiting - Aegis Academy - Think again turn awayWhile I was still on active duty, I witnessed some of the severely incompetent planning, policies and execution by the Department of State (DOS). De-Baathification, disbanding the Iraqi Army, rebuilding Fallujah and the use of contractor vice uniformed military details for standard security operations are but the tip of the iceberg. Their inability to adapt over the course of a decade at war in Iraq and Afghanistan, and their arrogant adherence to bad policy was, and continues to be staggering. Their latest foray into anti-ISIS propaganda was a video titled, Welcome to Islamic State Land. Like much of the entire Think Again, Turn Away program, it waivered between sarcasm, attempts at humor and grisly depictions of inhumane activity. It is indicative of the colossal gap between how the DOS views ISIS and what … Read more »

Developing Sound Decision Making Skills

Effective decision making skills – A programatic approach

Decision Making, decision making skills, aegis academy, Patrick henryWhen it comes to personal defense, the ability to make a decision to act is the critical element in everyone’s survivability. Your physical skills are completely irrelevant without the ability to decide to use them. Just like physical skills, you can train to make better, more efficient decisions. In order to improve this complex and somewhat automatic mental response we break it down into its core elements. At Aegis Academy we break the decision-making development process into five modules – awareness, predatory behavior, legal and moral factors, threat identification, and triggers. The time that a Master compared to a Novice chess player takes to make a move is a great example of trained vs. untrained decision making skills.

While recording eye movements, we see that novice chess players frequently look at or evaluate fewer than one hundred possible locations (or choices) prior Read more »

Why dry-fire an empty gun?

Snap caps 2When compared to the skyrocketing costs of ammunition and the ever-present need for maintaining proficiency, “dry-fire” practice is a very cost effective solution! Dry-fire conditioning does not require copious amounts of ammunition or travel to and from the range… it can be done in your own home.  Dry-fire practice can consist of the Drill of the Day, dry warm ups before competitions, visualization of certain movements, or simply honing a specific skill.

For competitions or demonstrations, we always try to do at least a few dry runs. Sometimes visualization is the only practical method to mentally walk yourself through the target engagement  before performing the skill in a live-fire environment.  Unfortunately, the pre-game practice sessions don’t work for dealing with threats in the real world. That’s where consistent practice, planning, and training are a huge part of the equation. Look at any military or operation and you’ll see this … Read more »