Religion, Racism and Cultural Diversity


When we look at history, it is typically the strongest of opinions that drive conflict, violence and social unrest. Strong opinions and people committed to their ideas, many of which were uniformly unpopular, are also the cause of our most significant advances. The impact of religion has had a mixed impact on society as a whole, at time beneficial, and at times violent. Racism falls in the same boat. Despite the popular notion that “multiculturalism” is good for society, has some limitations that we need to consider.


The concept that multiculturalism is good for society stems from scientific studies on genetics and the long-term survival of species. In general, non-specialized species tend to survive longer than highly specialized ones as they are most able to adapt to change. The more genetic diversity in an ecosystem, the better prepared it is for unforeseen shocks to the system. Further, it is … Read more »

Personal Security – Prediction, Prevention, and Response

Aegis Academy - Personal Security - PredictionPrediction, prevention, and response are the general terms for the three options each of has when dealing with potential risks. We can predict that if we drive a vehicle at high speeds with a flat tire, we are more likely to be involved in a accident. That typically leads us to avoid the risk by taking some sort of action. We can prevent it from occurring by checking tire pressure periodically, or visually inspecting the vehicle prior to operation. We could respond by decreasing vehicle speeds when the car starts to become unstable. Clearly, response is the inferior option here. When it comes to safety these concepts are easy to grasp, but when it comes to personal security, they are largely ignored.
The term ‘personal security’ brings up a variety of thoughts, ideas, and definitions that vary widely from person to person. Some view it as a locked door, … Read more »

Risk analysis and mitigation

Risk analysis and mitigation from a travel security perspective

Aegis Academy-Travel Security-Risk Analysis-Risk MitigationThe most common and unfortunate state of mind people adopt is that protection is the responsibility of someone else. You can personally exert an extraordinary amount of influence over your own safety and security by controlling your actions. Adopting the mindset that your personal safety and security is up to you is the first step in improving your chances. The next step is learning how to evaluate risk, and implement actions and controls to maintain and advantage in any environment. The first step is analyzing risk.

Finding the “right” risk metrics

In risk analysis, the first and most critical step is to choose a quality data set. The greatest gift the Internet has given us is a vast supply of information on demand. Unfortunately, much of it consists of un-researched opinion, or worse pure fabrication. When completing personal security risk analysis, … Read more »

We Can’t Wish Away Violence

We live in the society we have, not the society we imagine…

Robyn BarbaryBeing a good role model means teaching people how to live in the world as it exists – not as we wish or hope it could be.

An article by Robyn Barberry in response to the Maryland school shooting last month sparked today’s post.  She seems to be a reasonable person who wants to do the right thing, but the concept of preparing herself to do it is just out side of her grasp – which I think is the case with many Americans today.

“Above all, we want to be prepared for events like this.  But, how could Perry Hall’s teachers, students, and parents anticipate a shooting halfway through the first day of school?  How can you look for warning signs on the day you’re just learning each other’s names?”

You can find the entire post on … Read more »