Crime, Terrorism, and the Lone Wolf

Crime, Terrorism and the Lone Wolf

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The media outlets seem to praising Canada for its immediate pronouncement that the recent acts of violence committed against two Canadian soldiers were terrorism. They are equally critical of America’s initial reluctance to do so in the cases of Alton Nolan and Zale Thompson. It brings up the question of what is the difference between crime and terrorism and where and if we should draw a line. For those who are fuming about the initial classification of Alton Nolan or Zale Thompson as a criminal act vice a terrorist act, you may want to consider the potential impacts of what you are asking for.

I heard one commentator on Fox explaining his logic for shipping them to Guantanamo under the auspices of the ongoing Global War on Terror. His recommendation is that we turn all terrorism-related activities over the military because law enforcement in … Read more »

Is the World Getting More Dangerous?

The Risk of Declining American Exceptionalism

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In the past two decades, we have seen Islamists successfully destabilize Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and much of Africa, as well as seen them making significant gains in support globally. We need only look to ISIS and Hamas to see the impact of Islamist control of failed states. Additionally, we are starting to see the impact of mass immigration into Europe, the most visible example of which is the public support for the acceptance of Sharia Law in some previously exclusively western nations. The reality is that the expansion of Islamist principles places additional risks on Americans (and westerners in general) when travelling abroad.

Terrorism is not the only travel safety and security risk that has become more heightened in recent years. The problem in Crimea and the Ukraine was not an Islamist originated problem, but the result of a weak and grossly ineffective foreign … Read more »

Personal Safety Step One – Threat Avoidance

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In the world of threat management and protection there are three ways to handle a threat as it develops form a potential threat to an actual physical attack: threat avoidance, threat mitigation and threat defense.

For example if you can’t avoid a verbal argument with someone and they start to raise their voice, you could mitigate the threat by not shouting back at them. Shouting back only adds fuel to the fire. Your personal safety is better served trying to do everything you can to defuse the situation and lower the probability of the threat progressing to a physical attack. Failure to avoid or mitigate the threat and its progression would result in only one option – to defend against the physical threat.

Threat Avoidance results in the easiest and least amount of threat impact and is the most effective means of increasing your personal safety. Mitigation takes more time … Read more »

We Can’t Wish Away Violence

We live in the society we have, not the society we imagine…

Robyn BarbaryBeing a good role model means teaching people how to live in the world as it exists – not as we wish or hope it could be.

An article by Robyn Barberry in response to the Maryland school shooting last month sparked today’s post.  She seems to be a reasonable person who wants to do the right thing, but the concept of preparing herself to do it is just out side of her grasp – which I think is the case with many Americans today.

“Above all, we want to be prepared for events like this.  But, how could Perry Hall’s teachers, students, and parents anticipate a shooting halfway through the first day of school?  How can you look for warning signs on the day you’re just learning each other’s names?”

You can find the entire post on … Read more »