The Development of Shooting Specific Physical Skills

Train Smarter, Not harder…

Stacie Tovar, North CentralWhile physical skill development is discussed at length in training manuals for sports such as martial arts, cycling, powerlifting, and running, very little is written on how to apply periodization techniques to shooting. The application of modern training techniques in developing physical skills has massively changed the way professional athletes train. Over the years performance has massivley increased across the board. Unfortunately, those concepts have in large part eluded the vast majority of shooting enthusiasts and professional instructors. Too often the development of shooting specific physical skills is accomplished by instructors doggedly adhering to the “What I learned first, must be the best” theory. Fortunately, there is a better (or more efficient) way of developing the shooting specific skills you are looking for. The most widely known example of the principles of periodization is the workout routine known as Crossfit.

Physical skill development in any … Read more »

California Assembly Bill 1014

california assembly bill 1014, aegis academy, patrick henry, firearms instructor, firearms trainingNothing to get in a tizzy about – Yet…

While the wasteful allocation of $24 million to seize the private property of gun owners is a sad indication of lack of respect for the rights of private citizens, the 4th and 5th amendment challenges to California Assembly Bill 1014 are just in the beginning stages. The cost of litigation and damages will likely make the $24 million pale in comparison. Based on the initial reports, the lack of a warrant in the attempted seizure is also causing significant problems. Rather than letting that make them stop and think, the usual suspects are trying to create a new law.

Nancy Skinner and Das Williams are at it again with their most recent attempt at gun control. As usual, these bills are thrown into the hopper and signed off based on an emotional knee jerk attempt to “do something” rather … Read more »

History of the Rifle

The History of the Rifle 

history of the rifle; Aegis Academy; Firearms InstructorThe history of the rifle is a long one, but the term rifle was originally applied to the grooving inside a barrel with the first examples being referred to as “rifled guns” or “rifled muzzleloaders”. As defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary: “Rifle: a gun that has a long barrel and is held against the shoulder when you shoot it, or to cut spiral grooves into the bore of.” It is also possibly from the French term, rifler, which is to scratch or file.

Rifling in itself is not specific to shoulder fired guns, as cannons had been rifled as early as 1664, and examples used in 1776 by the British. There are common features which separate cannons from rifles; a stock, barrel and trigger/ignition mechanism. There are variations on these three features as technology progressed and, for many years, early rifles shared characteristics of their … Read more »

Professional Firearms Training

Firearms Instruction, Aegis AcademyIf you want to improve your shooting, the first step is to analyze what you are really trying to accomplish and establish some realistic goals. Most shooters are not trying to become the next Jerry Mikulek or a USPSA World Champion, so try and set realistic achievable goals for you. Regardless of your goals, I would recommend a proper course of instruction or a shooting coach. Practicing bad technique is probably the worst thing you can do!

The basic or “day one” course is the standard by which I judge all formal schools. Typically I learn something new or maybe just knock the rust off. If I see something I like, I may return for other training, but if they can’t do the basics well, they are wasting my time. The down side risk is taking time off work, spending the money, and subsequently attending a poor school. Yes you’ll … Read more »