Chris Kyle – American Sniper

My Thoughts on American Sniper

American Sniper - Chris Kyle - Aegis AcademyA lot has been said about Chris’s life and the book/movie called American Sniper  that go a long way trying to explain just what drives a modern American to enlist and go fight for his country in a war which was neither popular nor victorious. His sense of service to his country is a great example of what has sustained the United States of America since its very inception. Chris is just one of tens of thousands of citizens that signed up right after the Sept 11, 2001 attack on America and served with honor and distinction. He served four operational tours in Iraq during the absolute worst of the conflict. He directly supported the Marines in Fallujah and Ramadi and received 2 Silver Stars, 5 Bronze Stars and was wounded twice during some of the heaviest fighting of the entire war. He is credited … Read more »

Did America Torture Prisoners?

What does the report say about American Values..

Aegis Academy Torture - CIA - Interrogation reportI was having dinner with a friend the other night and his response to the media coverage of the report was disgust. He stated “it was the first time in my life that I am ashamed to be an American“. My suspicion is that people simply do not think through the impact of what they are saying when they make a blanket statement like that. I can understand the concern, disgust, and anger over the actions described in the report. I can understand being ashamed of fact that these events occurred. These actions may not be in line with what we as a society value, but America has much to be proud of. I am not ashamed to be associated with our Nation in the least. Having read the report in its entirety has not changed that one bit. It is … Read more »

External Ballistics Part III – Understanding Trajectory

trajectory, howard hall, firearms instructor, aegis academy, firearms shootingExternal Ballistics Part III – Understanding Trajectory

Thank you for returning to our third and final discussion on External Ballistics. In this article, I will discuss the elements that affect projectile trajectory, such as sonic vs. sub-sonic velocities, ballistic curve and “zeroing” the firearm. This last article on external ballistics ties other articles in this series together in order to provide you with an understanding on how to leverage trajectory and consistently place your shots where you want them. This also establishes a solid baseline for the following articles on terminal ballistics, which describe projectile effects on impact.


Trajectory is simply defined as the curved path a projectile travels from point of initial velocity to impact. As we discussed in previous articles, upon exiting the firearm bore, the projectile’s initial velocity, momentum, and direction are affected by the external forces of gravity, air resistance, yaw, precession, and nutation. These … Read more »

External Ballistics Part I – Physics, Projectiles and Transitional Ballistics

external ballistics, howard hall, firearms training, firearms instructor, aegis academy, pistol shootingExternal Ballistics Part I – Physics, Projectiles and Transitional Ballistics

Welcome back to our study of ballistics.  Now that we’ve covered the many aspects of internal ballistics and how ammunition interacts with the inner workings of firearm components to produce mechanical accuracy, we will discuss external ballistics.  Since there are so many forces that affect a projectile’s flight from the muzzle to the target, I’ve broken the subject material down into a two part series.  In this article, I will introduce some basic physics principles, discuss projectile characteristics and focus on transitional ballistics.

“Painless” Physics

In order to fully explain some concepts related to external ballistics, I need to briefly review the principles on which all ballistics rest: Newtonian Physics.  external ballistics, howard hall, firearms training, firearms instructor, aegis academy, pistol shootingWhile many of us learned our first physics lessons from Wylie E. Coyote, nearly everything depicted was incorrect.  Even though we cannot observe the forces acting on a projectile the … Read more »