The Development of Shooting Specific Physical Skills

Train Smarter, Not harder…

Stacie Tovar, North CentralWhile physical skill development is discussed at length in training manuals for sports such as martial arts, cycling, powerlifting, and running, very little is written on how to apply periodization techniques to shooting. The application of modern training techniques in developing physical skills has massively changed the way professional athletes train. Over the years performance has massivley increased across the board. Unfortunately, those concepts have in large part eluded the vast majority of shooting enthusiasts and professional instructors. Too often the development of shooting specific physical skills is accomplished by instructors doggedly adhering to the “What I learned first, must be the best” theory. Fortunately, there is a better (or more efficient) way of developing the shooting specific skills you are looking for. The most widely known example of the principles of periodization is the workout routine known as Crossfit.

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Shotgun Ballistics

images (4)Shotgun Ballistics

This article answers a reader’s question and discusses shotgun ballistics.

“What about Shotguns and Shotgun Ballistics?  The entire Ballistics Series was great and it was the first time that the science behind shooting was explained in a way that made sense.  I’m considering a shotgun for home defense, so could you cover Shotgun Ballistics in one of your upcoming articles?  Thank you.” – Brian in Temecula

Brian, thank you for the e-mail and for the opportunity to give the venerable shotgun the attention it deserves.  Although there are many similarities between shotgun ballistics and rifle/pistol ballistics, the differences are significant enough to focus solely on the shotgun.  What makes shotguns unique among other firearms is the wide variety of projectiles that can be fired from the same platform.  This includes everything from a slug and a sabot round through buck shot, bird shot, and a number of less-than-lethal … Read more »

Shotgun Breaching 101

Aegis Academy - Shotgun Breaching - Gun Safety ClassMembers and readers, if you have noticed a trend toward more tactical shotgun articles lately, you are correct. We have discussed at length the ability to use the Shotgun as a weapon and the ability to add accessories such as lights and extra ammunition quite easily. For a relatively inexpensive weapon, it has great versatility and firepower. For close quarter type engagements, the sheer kinetic energy it delivers without most of the over-penetration problems found with many other weapons, makes it THE weapon of choice for home defense. As we move to the use of the shotgun as a ballistic tool, it becomes even more apparent that having a properly equipped shotgun at your home makes you and your family safer and more prepared for any and all eventualities. Now, we will discuss the importance of knowing how to use shotgun breaching techniques that can be useful in emergency situations.… Read more »

Micro Stamping and the Future of Guns in California

Solving a problem that doesn’t exist…

Microstamping - Aegis Academy - Gun Laws  I’ve received a number of questions, comments and some general paranoia over micro stamping and the planned withdraw of Smith and Wesson and Ruger from the California handgun market.

In 2007, California passed a law requiring all handguns sold in the state to adopt micro stamping technology. It is set to go into effect in May 2014. The intent of the law is similar to a number of laws on the books in California. It is designed to discourage manufacturers from shipping guns to California by enacting costly barriers to entry. While this seems like a potentially effective means of attacking the so called “problem,” similar laws have had the opposite impact on the volume of firearms sold in the state. What these types of laws have done is reduce the choices available to law abiding citizens, but increased total sales of guns.

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