The James Foley Beheading

This was not a random act of violence 

James Foley - beheading - Islamic State - Aegis AcademyThe James Foley beheading is ultimately a horrific scene, but in creating it, ISIS has made some significant and intelligent creative choices that are unique, and provide substantial insight into the enemy we face. The video starts with Barack Obama coldly laying out his justification for attacking ISIS in what is unfortunately a dispassionate, disinterested and uninspiring tone. His disdain for intervention in the Middle East could not be more clear and he comes across as tired, worn out and reluctant. They cut to the overhead imagery of a bomb being dropped, presumably in Iraq. The title of the video is “A Message to America”. The video quality is clear, the sound is crisp, and the imagery appropriate to the message throughout. This introduction is mostly Obama (and the Arabic textual translation) and lasts about two minutes.

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Cold Weather, Gun Lubricants and Your Firearms…

Gun lubricants, Cold weather lubrication, Aegis Academy ,Gun trainingAs the North East is experiencing record breaking lows I thought it a good idea to remind people that temperature has two primary impacts on weapons. We will give a cursory glance at ballistics, which is a complex subject and is or will be explained in detail in Howard’s Ballistics Series. Mechanical functionality is the larger concern for most defensive engagements.

If the temperature drops below 20 degrees, you can safely assume that most every day gun lubricant will be affected. You have a couple of choices. One is buy cold weather gun lubricant.

FP – 10, what we generally recommend for every day use is functional down to about -50.  Artic Brake fluids are another option, which may well make it to -75. Eventually everything freezes… CLP Break Free, a decent inexpensive preservative, and moderate gun lubricant work fines down to about 25 degrees at which point is … Read more »

Gun Confiscation in New York – what progress in the past year!

Gun Confiscation, New York Guns, Bloomberg, Cuomo

New York has a city government that has gone way beyond the fringes of the rest of the country. The U. S. constitutions fourth amendment guarantees (against unlawful search and seizure) do not apply to the citizens of New York City, as the city has  enacted a “Stop and Frisk” policy. The First amendment is apparently delegated to the whims of the New York Department of Education, which is in the word banning business.  Why should the Second Amendment be any different? As of Nov. 18, it is not! New York is relying on the apathy of the American people to allow them to trample the Constitutional rights of its citizens and it is being successful.

On Nov. 18, 2013, right here in America, 500 New York residents are being forced to choose between turning in their firearms or becoming criminals. Five hundred letters were mailed out … Read more »