What Makes John Meis a Hero?

What John Meis did is extraordinary…

John MeisJohn Meis is a prime example of the solution to Elliot Rodger. When Aaron Ybarra started shooting people at Seattle Pacific University like everyone else in the area, John was admittedly shocked. The difference between John and the others around him was John was able to assess his options and use the resources at his disposal to end the problem. The question is what makes John Meis different from the rest of the people in the area that day?

When we look at John Meis during his interviews, he is quiet, almost shy, humble and certainly not a physically imposing figure. His statements indicate he is a man of faith, and in reading his statements; he is clearly an intelligent and thoughtful human being. He worked part time as a student-building monitor or student security monitor while he attends college as an engineering student, … Read more »

Nullification of Federal Gun Laws

Nullification of Federal Gun LawsGun Legislation, Gun Control, Federal gun laws, nullification of federal gun laws, aegis academy, patrick henry

Many states have passed laws that are not in line with the laws passed by Congress. Some have gone so far as to pass laws that are in direct contravention to federal laws such as Washington and Colorado by legalizing marijuana. Many others like Idaho, Georgia and Arizona have passed or are passing laws that attempt nullification of federal gun laws in their territories. While Jefferson and Madison both repeated stated that nullification was a state right, it has never been tested at the federal courts.

States were empowered in the Constitution, and our founding fathers wanted state governments, not the federal government to be the centers of power in this country. That said, they felt strongly enough about a few things to codify them across the country for all citizens and we call that the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. One key part … Read more »

Benelli Super-90 Shotgun

Benelli Super-90 Shotgun Review

Benelli Super-90, Aegis Academy, Chris White, Firearms Instructor, shooting, shotgunAegis Academy members and readers, I did a review of the Remington 870 12 gauge tactical shotgun, but the question always comes up, what about the semi-auto shotguns? We have now done the same for the Benelli Super-90 semi-auto 12 gauge. For starters, it’s very hard to make a true side-by-side comparison of the 870 pump gun and Super-90 semi-auto. Simply because the Benelli can be more than three times the cost of the Remington, depending on which model you chose. The retail price is just one part of the review. Let’s look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of one of the best high-end auto loaders.

As the name implies, the Benelli Super-90 is a semi-auto shotgun and has a lot of particular features that set it apart from many other semi-autos. First and foremost, the Benelli Super-90 comes in numerous different models. Each … Read more »

Personal Defense Ammunition: Hype, Hyperbole and Common Sense

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The firearm and ammunition markets are fiercely competitive with manufacturers constantly seeking an innovation to lure buyers toward their product.  Some innovations produce an improvement in effectiveness and safety while others are merely marketing ploys. These ploys either contribute no added benefits or are actually a detriment to the effective and safe employment of a firearm.  In this article, I will discuss the attributes of personal defense ammunition, briefly review some recent trends and products and conclude with legal considerations and a common sense approach to selecting personal defense ammunition.

 Personal Defense Ammunition 101

I will provide an in-depth discussion on terminal ballistics in a later article. See my ongoing series on Firearm Ballistics: Intro to Ballistics; Internal Ballistics Part 1.  For this article, I will begin with the generally accepted principles of personal defense ammunition:

  1. Shot placement is the key determinant to ending an unavoidable violent confrontation.  
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