Religion, Racism and Cultural Diversity


When we look at history, it is typically the strongest of opinions that drive conflict, violence and social unrest. Strong opinions and people committed to their ideas, many of which were uniformly unpopular, are also the cause of our most significant advances. The impact of religion has had a mixed impact on society as a whole, at time beneficial, and at times violent. Racism falls in the same boat. Despite the popular notion that “multiculturalism” is good for society, has some limitations that we need to consider.


The concept that multiculturalism is good for society stems from scientific studies on genetics and the long-term survival of species. In general, non-specialized species tend to survive longer than highly specialized ones as they are most able to adapt to change. The more genetic diversity in an ecosystem, the better prepared it is for unforeseen shocks to the system. Further, it is … Read more »

Crime, Terrorism, and the Lone Wolf

Crime, Terrorism and the Lone Wolf

Alton nolan Mugshot

The media outlets seem to praising Canada for its immediate pronouncement that the recent acts of violence committed against two Canadian soldiers were terrorism. They are equally critical of America’s initial reluctance to do so in the cases of Alton Nolan and Zale Thompson. It brings up the question of what is the difference between crime and terrorism and where and if we should draw a line. For those who are fuming about the initial classification of Alton Nolan or Zale Thompson as a criminal act vice a terrorist act, you may want to consider the potential impacts of what you are asking for.

I heard one commentator on Fox explaining his logic for shipping them to Guantanamo under the auspices of the ongoing Global War on Terror. His recommendation is that we turn all terrorism-related activities over the military because law enforcement in … Read more »

Ebola from an Amateurs Perspective

What you need to know about Ebola

Kevin Spacey – OutBreak 1995

First, let me start out by stating that I am far from an infectious disease expert, and I did not even sleep at a Holiday Inn last night. I did, however, major in Bio-Chemistry Cell and Molecular Biology. I lecture frequently on travel and personal security of which disease risk is a significant factor. Instead of watching football, I read things like “A Stain on Our Humanity” which details the infectious disease experiments conducted by the Japanese in World War II, and periodically burn a few hours on the National Institute of Health reports on containment effectiveness of various global disease outbreaks.

So, when I am not reading about foreign affairs or personal security, shooting at competitions, walking my dog or spending time with my family, this stuff is one of my interests. What I see reported in … Read more »

Sources of Information and Personal Security

The Impact of Accurate Information on Personal Security

Sources of Information - Aegis Acadmey - Travel Risk ManagementSince most of us choose not to live like a paranoid fanatic with cleared fields of fire from our front door to the keep-out signs surrounding our houses – life is about managing the risks we choose to accept. Everything we do from the moment we are born until the day we pass involves making risk assessments and developing various means of avoiding or mitigating the risk we choose to accept. We all do it every day and in many aspects of our lives we are experts. Unfortunately, it’s in the big-ticket items where people tend to make mistakes in this arena – and that unfortunately results in a lot of unnecessary pain and suffering.

For starters – stop worrying about things that don’t happen and spend a few of those minutes preparing for the inevitable. If you simply plan for the … Read more »