Aegis Academy Team Building Sessions provide insights and takeaways to help your team find constructive means of contributing to the organizations goals. Everyone contributes to a companies successes, failures, and culture – and when one part of the team is out of sync, it can have detrimental impacts on the whole organization. Discuss ideas that make each part of your team more effective in helping the organization win, and leave with concrete skills that will enhance your teams performance when they walk out the door!

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Patrick Henry
The secret to great team building in the military is maintaining the illusion of democracy. Everyone ultimately knows that they are going to do what they are told at the end of the day. Giving people the illusion that they have some control over their future, and making them believe that their opinion matters is one key feature that differentiates great military commanders from marginal ones. There is a lot that I miss about the military, but one nice feature of being out is I don’t have to pretend anymore – every ones opinion does matter!


Story is the New Brand (1 Hour) – Don Mira

Thriving Through Change (1 Hour) – Mike Grice

Intelligence Processes for Business (1 Hour) – Pat Henry

Leverage the Power of Why? (1 Hour) – Don Mira

Stress and Achievement (1 Hour) – Mike Grice

Building Safer Communities (1 Hour) – Pat Henry

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