Dependance and Responsibility

Law Enforcement is made up of some of the finest professionals in our community, but they simply cannot protect everyone at all times. As a society, the abdication of our responsibility to take our personal safety in to account is seen in our work places, our schools and our communities at large. We can reduce crime and violence in our community, and we don’t need to be dependent on dedicated security services to do so. You just need to understand a little about how criminals think, what attracts and deters them and then act accordingly!


  • The Current Approach to Preventing Crime and Violence
  • Protecting What Defines Us as a Nation
  • The Economic Impact of Apathy
  • The Reality of Protect and Serve
  • What We Can Learn From the Past
  • What We Can Learn From Europe
  • Personal Responsibility is Contagious
  • Actions and the Way Ahead

This presentation examines the current twenty-year decline in violence in American Society and how we have achieved that. We take a look the values we espouse, and how that has shaped our actions on major social issues and the unintended consequences of those choices. We then focus on the economic impact of the choices we have made and attempt to make a judgement about its sustainability. We examine historical violence and cross-cultural references to see the results of alternative approaches to managing violence. Lastly, we look at individual opportunities to make small incremental changes that have an enormous impact on the need for the services we currently depend on. Competence, independence, and a strong work ethic is what this nation was founded on and built it into the most powerful and inventive nation on the planet. Those sentiments are alive and well in many pockets in this nation!

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Patrick Henry
Expecting laws to stop criminals from committing violent crimes makes about as much sense as expecting the weather to conform to our desires… Societal wishes and laws alone won’t do it, if we want to sustainably reduce crime and violence in our society, we have to reduce the supply of victims...


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