Analysis and Prediction

Intelligence processes for business will provide you with a frame work for structuring questions, collecting input, evaluating conclusions, and producing quality answers. Applying a structured process to your problem solving will give you faster, more creative, and more reliable solutions. Learn to distinguish between critical information, and information that informs, but doesn’t drive decisions. Quantify uncertain inputs and fuzzy concepts for evaluation. Apply techniques to structure collective input via scoped and framed questions to bring eye opening, and sometimes unexpected results!


  • Frame Problems in Terms of Potential Solutions
  • Identifying Critical Information Requirements
  • Identify and Eliminate Response Bias
  • Quantifying Difficult and Variable Inputs
  • Structuring Data to Drive Decisions
  • Creating a Culture of Decisive Analysis


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The Intelligence Community has spent decades collecting, analyzing, cataloging, processing and evaluating information. Over the years, simple unclassified workflows and processes have evolved to produce highly effective procedures to answer some of the toughest questions posed by national leadership. Many of those same processes can be applied to challenges your organization faces. Often, we get stuck in the rut of making decisions based on what we have done in the past and when those actions are no longer relevant, you have nowhere else to turn. This class will provide eye-opening ideas and techniques to evaluate the quality of the decisions your organization is making and help institute processes that work to solve the questions you haven’t asked yet. Ultimately, you don’t know what questions you’ll be trying to answer next year, but knowing how you will solve them will significantly shorten the time it takes!

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Patrick Henry
President - Aegis Academy
Everybody seems to be pushing a ‘think out of the box’ concept like its some sort of a virtue. Typically what we end up with is a bunch of people competing to be first one to reinvent the wheel – people who could have saved a ton of time and money if they’d have just opened the box…


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