The heroic stories of survival in some of the most challenging situations imaginable are often awe inspiring. People tend to perceive that these individuals were simply born with abilities the rest of society does not possess. When you meet survivors and victors, you would be surprised at just how average they appear. While they are not superhuman, they are different. The key is that they were not born that way. Survivors have typically developed a set of specific set of traits over their lives that enabled them to do the extraordinary when the opportunity presented itself. You can start the process of developing those traits today!


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  • Introduction to Edged Weapons
  • Practical Application and Skill Development
  • Private Lunch
  • Three hours of custom agenda
  • Custom Aegis Academy apparel
  • Happy Hour with the Aegis Academy Team

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Surviving Violent Encounters covers a diverse range of studies, data, experience and anecdotal evidence to answer the question: How do average people survive extraordinary events? The FBI spent millions of dollars to conclude that officer survival was based on four core components. The department of defense has studied, examined and produced detailed altercation reports on what has allowed soldiers to succeed and thrive against all odds. Fight coaches and professional fighters have developed a practical means of screening who can and who can’t compete in a physical altercation. Not surprisingly, all of the time and effort put into studying the results has revealed consistent principles that apply to all violent encounters. We hope you never need to use the habits you can start developing after this course, but it is far better to have and not need then need and not have… Start the process of developing the habits that may save your life today!

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Doug Esposito
There is a direct correlation between physical conditioning and both victory in the ring and survival on the street. It is not convenient or easy, it's just true... When you're in better shape, you're just plain harder to beat or kill.


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