Prime your team to recognize, understand and ultimately embrace change. The survival of any organization is dependent on its ability to adapt to changing conditions, and, unfortunately, those aren’t always conditions of our choosing. Successful change implementation has been studied extensively and it can be a painless process. Gain insights, confidence and a framework for managing the changes we can see, and, more importantly, acting quickly to productively manage the ones that sneak up on us!


  • Psychology of Change Management
  • Trends in Effective Change Management
  • What a Culture of Innovation Looks Like
  • How to Introduce New Opportunities
  • Managing Expectations and Results
  • Capitalizing on Fear
  • Building Confidence
  • Driving Results

Human beings instinctively resist that which they do not understand and change is ultimately a gamble that we can find better ways of accomplishing things. When change is forced upon us, having an understanding of the roadmap to successfully managing it is crucial. If we can see it coming, we have even more latitude to frame the conversation in a manner that lowers barriers and opens people minds to the potential reward on which the gamble is based. In this lecture, you’ll examine successful change implementation strategies and how the were executed as well some attempts we have seen fail time and time again. There is no reason to guess or experiment with how to implement change in today’s business environment. You’ll leave here with the data to know what works, how others have implemented it, and what the road ahead looks like. Thriving through change introduces insightful, productive and effective tools, tips and techniques to manage change in your organization.

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Mike Grice
Leadership Development
Change is what makes us thrive, keeps us from getting bored and ultimately drives the massive expansion of knowledge and capability in the last century. Unfortunately, its also what keeps us up at night!


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