Most commercially available first aid kits lack the basic necessities to manage anything beyond completely survivable injuries. With the availability of hemostatic agents and variety of tourniquet products, managing the number one cause of preventable death from traumatic injury (Blood Loss) is now achievable by almost everyone. In this six hour course, we’ll focus on teaching you to apply life-saving equipment on yourself and another party using simulated injuries augmented with special effects and cutting edge equipment that brings the reality of traumatic injuries to light!


  • Critical Anatomy and Physiology
  • Personal Safety and Blood Bourne Pathogen
  • Controlling Blood Loss
  • Tourniquet Application
  • Combat Gauze Application
  • Abdominal Bleeding
  • Dealing with Head Injuries


Course Fee: $275.00

Training Supplies are provided

Individual Trauma Kits available for sale during the course

Prerequisite: None

The Trauma Management Course enables attendees to understand how to prevent the number one cause of preventable death – traumatic blood loss. We start with a review of the basics of anatomy and physiology, which provides the baseline understanding of how and why the techniques we are teaching work. The application and use of a CAT Tourniquet, SWAT-T tourniquet, Combat Gauze and abdominal pads is introduced and practiced throughout the course. State of the art responsive dummies are on scene for extensive technique refinement and practice prior to the practical application scenarios. Live actors are dressed in a trauma suit, which is pressure regulated to pump blood at and appropriate rate until adequate pressure or techniques are applied to stop it. Participants leave capable and confident that they can control severe bleeding when if they should ever have to!

Trauma Management Course
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Sal Ruiz
Trauma Expert
From my first tour in country to my last, the advances in medical technology and life saving capability were astounding. We are finally seeing these products make their way to law enforcement, first responders and everyday citizens – which is exactly where they belong!


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