Welcome to Travel Security! The reality of overseas travel security is that most attacks, kidnappings and fatalities are entirely preventable. The travel security lecture introduces practical tips and sources of information that will allow travelers to make safer decisions about the risks they accept. Knowing what to look at and where to find it is half the battle;the other half is knowing how to use it. Master these simple-to-use planning techniques, risk analysis tools, and tips to significantly lower your physical security risks before you ever leave the country!


  • Global Emerging Travel Threats
  • Risk Analysis and Sources of Information
  • Planning Risk Mitigation into Your Itinerary
  • Common Pitfalls
  • Recognizing the Attack Cycle
  • Introduction to Route Planning
  • Practical Risk Mitigation Tips

Course Details:

Open Registration: $275.00

Breakfast and Lunch Included with open registration courses.

Online Lecture: Coming Soon!

On-Site Lecture: (2 Hours) $2500.00 plus travel

On-site Workshop: (7 Hours) $7500.00 plus travel

This workshop is an introduction to the Risk Analysis and Mitigation Theory based on the skills and techniques used by intelligence agents to systematically reduce risk in foreign countries. This session is focused on empowering individuals to take an active role in the prevention of incidents, as well as the introduction of tips and techniques that inherently improve the volume and quality of proactive personal security measures available. We begin with a discussion of actual vs. perceived risk, which is interspersed with sources of quality risk information. This is followed by an introduction to the nuances of the Deliberate Targeting Cycle to provide attendees with some concrete indicators that a Cartel, Terrorist, or Criminal Organization may have targeted them. Lastly, practical risk mitigation tips and techniques are introduced with executable skills that anyone can incorporate into their everyday lives as soon as they walk out the door. Open Registration and Online Courses include access to our professionally programmed practice drills which will be available online in our E-Learning Portal upon completion.

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If you have a great risk mitigation plan that covers every potential risk on the planet but it requires 100% of your time and effort to execute, you may as well stay home and save yourself the hassle…


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