The number of abductions has grown exponentially over the past few years and shows no signs of slowing. While criminal organizations, drug cartels, and terrorists alike are adding this exceptionally lucrative activity to their repertoire, our ability to track and respond is degrading. An abduction is not something you get over, it’s something you recover from if you survive, which is why we are so focused on preventing the incident from happening to you! As with all criminal activity, knowing what to look for is the key to avoiding becoming a victim.


  • General Trends in the Kidnap and Ransom Industry
  • Targeting and Selection
  • Kidnapping Risk Mitigation
  • Psychology of Detention
  • Surveillance Detection Principles
  • Equipment and Resource Preparation
  • Escape Metrics and Risk Evaluation


Open Registration: $275.00

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On-Site Lecture: (2 Hours) $2500.00 plus travel

On-site Workshop: (7 Hours) $7500.00 plus travel

The Abduction Avoidance Workshop provides you with an in-depth understanding of the kidnapping process. An introduction to the scope of the problem is followed by giving you the tools to recognize processes by which victims are targeted, selected and exploited. We address risk behaviors and provide you with planning tools and a checklist to minimize your chances of becoming a victim. The “Risk / Reward Escape Attempt” debate is laid out in detail, providing concrete criteria for each individual to base his or her chances of success. While every country is different, foreign government detention is addressed with a generic blueprint for actions most likely to lead to release. Hostage survival skills are introduced and we conduct practical application of many of the skills introduced giving your team a complete understanding of the how and where they can avoid risk, influence and improve their situation, and increase the chances of avoidance or survival across the spectrum of risk.

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Patrick Henry
Much like a play, a kidnapping follows a very predictable script in most cases. Human nature of the perpetrators is quite likely to ensure everyone plays their role pretty true to cast. When you know how the story evolves, it provides you with an incredible ability to influence how you get there!


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