There are more guns than cars in this country. Firearms Safety is the result of education, skill and experience, not ignorance. Gun free zones, zero tolerance policies and politics are keeping American children ignorant on firearms and firearms safety. Hollywood is spoon feeding them unrealistic and unsafe practices faster than any of us can keep up. We owe the children of this nation better. Take the mystery out of guns and educate your child!


  • Introduction to Firearms and Safety Class
  • Range Safety and Safe Handling Brief
  • Familiarization Fire of 2 Pistols
  • Familiarization Fire of two AR-15 Rifles
  • Familiarization Fire of Two Shotguns
  • Review of Safe Actions for Kids and Guns


Course Fee: $150.00

Ammunition is provided.

All firearms are provided.

Safety Equipment is provided.

A Legal Guardian of the child is required to attend the course.

Prerequisite: None

The Children’s Firearms Safety and Familiarization course starts with our broad-based class covering the basics of firearms. We cover the different types of guns and what they are effective for, and some of the common misconceptions. We go into detail on safe handling, safe range procedures and how accidents occur. Then children will then have the opportunity to fire a variety of weapons. We cover weapons specific safety, range safety and then the fun begins! Education has yet to claim a single life, but we can’t say the same about ignorance. Your child will leave here confident that they know what to do when they or one of their friends come across a firearm, and more importantly they won’t be too curious to forget it! We look forward to seeing you on the range!

testimonial author
Chris White
Range Master
I got a lot of this stuff from my dad and my uncle. When I grew up, there were rifles in the back of everyones cars & trucks at school, and nobody had any problems because we all knew what to do. Things have changed in the past few decades, and in this case not for the better...


testimonial author
Michele H.
Law Enforcement Officer
I just took my 13 year old daughter through their children's firearm familiarization course and was thrilled with the instruction she received. The instructors are top notch, extremely knowledgeable, patient, thorough and safety was paramount. I wish they offered more classes for kids, as I would continue to take them with my daughter.