• This is the email address you want us to mail the discount certificate to, it is not the address you are required to use register your account although they can be the same. (Typically different for gifts).
  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: pdf, jpg, gif.
    Please copy the front and back of the appropriate ID card onto a single sheet of paper and black out the social security number if it visible on the ID. Military ID, Police ID, and DEERS issued dependent ID cards are adequate on their own. Police spouses, please add a copy of your State Issued Drivers license or Marriage Certificate if you do not share the same last name. 72 Px/Inch Black and White scans are preferred.
  • Feel free to include an concerns or questions you have in the space below. For gifts - you can purchase a retail gift certificate which is redeemable for memberships at the retail store, if you are trying to purchase a discounted membership for an eligible person, but do not have a copy of their ID. Welcome to Aegis Academy!