World Class Firearms Training in Southern California

We were all new to the world of personal security, edged weapons, self defense, and firearms training at one point. At Aegis Academy we haven’t forgotten where we started! We are excited to help you in your journey toward achieving whatever standard proficiency you choose. Every step you take toward increasing your personal safety and security is one step closer to the safer community we all want to live in! Browse our course descriptions and check out the schedule. Get to know our team of World Class Mentors and join the Aegis Academy Community. We have helped thousands of clients take responsibility for their personal safety and security in our safe, fun, and effective training programs!



Aegis Academy exists to provide the public with access to the U. S. Governments Elite Military, Law Enforcement and Intelligence community instructors teaching professional level programs. From firearms to travel security and edged weapons to protective-skills you won’t find more experienced, dedicated, and capable mentors in the industry. Chris White, a 20 year Navy SEAL; James Stahl, a 22 year Reconnaissance Marine; Steve Tarani, a law enforcement and CIA veteran; Douglas Esposito, world games silver medalist in Brazilian Jiu jitsu, Use of Force Subject Matter Expert, and Trainer to the U. S. Government, have teamed up to put together our diverse range of firearms training and defensive skills programs that are simple, effective and like no other program available.  Come see the difference our team of professional educators can have on your learning experience!

 Advanced Firearms Training at Aegis Academy in San Diego.

If every citizen takes a small step toward their personal safety and security, community safety will improve dramatically. We don’t have to be dependent on professional services to defend ourselves and our families from crime and violence. Your personal safety is too important to abdicate its responsibility to anyone else and with a little training, you don’t have to!

 Firearm Training in Southern California

Thank you for considering Aegis Academy for all of your training needs! We look forward to meeting each of you soon! 


Welcome to Aegis Academy

We were all new to the world of firearms training, personal security education and self defense at one point and at Aegis Academy we still haven't forgot where we started!

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