Firearms Safety is not an accident, luck or chance. It is the byproduct of the collective education, skill and experience of every gun owner in our community. The polarizing effect of politics on this issue is leaving the bulk of our society in a falsehood and ignorance induced gap. That ignorance, far more than the quantity or type of firearms, is what causes accidents. We can close that gap in one afternoon. You will learn what types of firearms are useful for what purpose, both firearms and range safety, and you’ll shoot a wide variety of guns. Most importantly, you’ll have fun while you do it!


  • Firearms Characteristics and Safety Class
  • Range Safety and Safe Handling Brief
  • Pistol Trigger Types Brief
  • Load and Unload Proceedures
  • Familiarization Fire of Four Pistols
  • Familiarization Fire of two AR-15 Rifles
  • Familiarization Fire of Two Shotguns
  • Optional Happy Hour at the Resort


Course Fee: $150.00

Ammunition is provided.

All firearms are provided.

Safety Equipment is provided.

Personal firearms are not allowed in the course.

Prerequisite: None

The Firearms Safety and Familiarization course starts with our broad-based class covering the basics of firearms, safety, ownership and use. We cover the different types of guns and what they are effective for. We take an in-depth look at the decision to own a firearm and provide sound advice on making the decision to responsibly own a firearm. Lastly, we go into detail on safe storage and handling, safe range procedures, and how mistakes occur.  On the range we fire a variety of firearms, explaining what they have in common and what differentiates them from other choices in the market. If you are considering a new firearm, this is a great place to narrow down the search to the tools that meet your needs. You’ll leave here confident that you can load, fire, unload, and safely store most of the common firearms you’ll see in the market, and more importantly, you’ll have experience with the firearm you are considering. We look forward to seeing you on the range!

testimonial author
Howard Hall
Range Master
The concept that owning a firearm makes you an effective or responsible gun owner is akin to thinking that purchasing a scalpel can make you a competent surgeon…


testimonial author
Nicole M.
The course was so organized and well thought out from start to finish. I felt comfortable to ask any question I had and Josh always gave a very thorough response. I got to try shooting a wide variety of handguns, rifles, and shotguns. I loved every minute of it!