Currently all training is conducted at the Pala Shooting Range.


Retention And Disarm

Providing premium training in weapon retention and counter retention (disarming) of edged weapons, impact weapons and firearms, these up-to-date skills are not specific to weapon type and are effective from a variety of positions.  Attention is paid to safety concerns of holstered firearms, presented firearms, counter-retention (disarming) and weapons retention from unusual positions and a variety of skills which are often ignored such as long gun take-away skills and defeating a counter presentation. In addition to weapons retention, learn simple-to-execute practical techniques to disarm any attacker. Using a weapon is a poor choice for most people and simply knowing how to take it away may well end the encounter. This course will provide you with the skills necessary to disarm an armed opponent. You’ll learn very simple concepts and very easy-to-execute techniques to disarm an opponent armed with a variety for weapons.