The Aegis Academy Heliborne assault course is an adrenaline filled experience that you will never forget! You will be flying in one of the finest high performance military grade aircraft in the industry piloted by our handpicked combat experienced aircrew. Special Operations Forces veterans will guide you through the exercise. You experience the complete process from planning, rehearsals, final inspection and test fire to the live fire ingress, ground assault and extract. Spend a day flying and walking in their shoes!


  • Zero confirmation with “green” frangible ammo*
  • Equipment setup, rig & inspection
  • Live fire high angle shoot
  • Buddy team assignments and live fire rehearsal
  • Actions on the objective, live fire rehearsal
  • Live fire heliborne ingress, insert and live fire mission execution
  • Heliborne extract, debrief and happy hour with the staff


Course Fee: $2500.00 per person plus ammunition.

Ammunition must be purchased from us (Frangible, Lead Free). Rates vary by caliber.

Smith and Wesson M&P 15 carbines are available for use if desired.

This is usually booked as a private event with an eight person minimum.

Open seats are occasionally available and will be listed on the course schedule.

Participate in the complete exercise from planning through debrief. The heliborne assault on a selected target site consists of a complete mission brief, live fire assault rehearsal, pre-attack inspection, live fire heliborne ingress, live fire ground assault and heliborne extract. Aegis Academy uses green frangible ammunition and adheres to a “leave no trace” policy during the course of the entire evolution. You’ll leave with personal experience about what its like to conduct a live fire heliborne raid without the years of training it takes to pull it off against an armed adversary. You don’t want to miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity!

Check out the course review by Dave Bahde published in Shooting Illustrated!

testimonial author
Patrick Henry
President Aegis Academy
Outside of law enforcement and military circles, there is no good reason for us to offer this course... Except for the fact that its a hell of a lot of fun, and we live in America so we can!


testimonial author
Will Barks
Chief Aviation Mechanic
I spend a lot of time in helicopters. The first trip around was me getting comfortable with the pilot. on the second run I was like - I'm in a helicopter with a gun. This is awesome!