Currently all training is conducted at the Pala Shooting Range.


Curved Blades

Welcome to Curved Blades (Karambit) with Steve Tarani! The Karambit is an incredibly useful, and effective tool for self-defense. Developed in ancient times, it ranged in size from nearly sword-like lengths to the compact lengths we see today used in self-defense applications. Learn the advantages and disadvantages of a curved fixed or folding blade from one of the world’s foremost experts. This course moves at a rapid pace presenting the very basics of carry, access and rapid deployment of the curved blade. Following a detailed study in grips, stances and operation, training then progresses to how to keep a single and even multiple attackers at bay. Steve trained for more than 5 years with his masters in the bladed arts of the Philippines and Indonesian Archipelago and has combined that with his operational experience to simplify defensive techniques down to what really works. Master the streamlined, no-nonsense, threat-based protective skills that simply work.