Todays carbine course is about mastering angles and distance while shooting on the move. We’ll work barricades, positions and learn to evaluate the benefits of shooting on the move vs. moving and shooting. This course builds the fundamental skills to work as member of a team or in close proximity to other people or objects and still effectively employ your weapon. Our world-class mentors will work side by side with each client to ensure you have the feedback and information needed to truly master the skills you are paying to learn!


  • Optics zeroing
  • Angles & distance
  • Forward & backward movement
  • Lateral & oblique movement
  • Barricades & use of cover
  • Positions & mobility


Course Fee: $275.00

350 rounds of factory-produced ammunition required.

Rental firearms are available.

Rental fee includes equipment and ammunition.

Ammunition may be available for purchase at the range.

Prerequisite: Tactical Carbine Three

We start the day with a quick review of zeroing and ensure optics and back up sights are zeroed. Have a new scope or red dot on your gun? This is the place to ensure your gun is set up correctly! We’ll work barricades and ensure you are capable of using cover and concealment. we introduce a variety of unusual positions to help you determine what works for you and what doesn’t. You’ll spend a significant time shooting on the move at multiple targets in depth working target discrimination to ensure you have the ability to walk, think and fire accurately by the time you leave! As always the staff is available to answer questions or work with you on and specific limitations and alternative means of accomplishing your goal of accurate, rapid target engagement! Access to our professionally programmed practice drills is included with the course, and will be available online in our E-Learning Portal upon completion. We look forward to seeing you on the range!

testimonial author
Chris White
Sometimes more is better – and you have to get a number of correct repetitions under your belt to get good at anything… Sometimes more is just more – and we may have reached that point today…


testimonial author
Anthony T.
Recently, I completed the Academy’s tactical carbine series (1-5). The series was extraordinary and exceeded my every expectation. Combat shooting differs significantly from target shooting and the information and techniques conveyed, the manner of presentation, and the instructors’ continuous “hands on” approach, throughout the entire series, was outstanding and remarkable. For example, day 4 addressed current “state of the art” and subtle techniques for quick target acquisitions, transitions from close to intermediate ranges, available methods of movement and fire, and the options and pros and cons in use of various cover, angles, and positions. If you want more than just being able to fire your carbine at a paper target- this series is for you!